Congratulations go out to Jeff Miller for the extremely positive review he received from Kirkus Reviews for his new book about World War I and the Commission for Relief in Belgium. It’s called Behind the Lines and is described on the cover as “WWI's little-known story of German occupation, Belgian resistance, and the band of Yanks who saved millions from starvation.” The review can be found at

The last line of the review reads, “An excellent history that should catapult Miller to the top tier of popular historians.”

Since I was hired to copyedit the book, I know how much work and passion went into it, and I am extremely excited that Jeff is receiving this type of recognition. The book received a star, which, as I understand it, means it was selected as one of the top 750 books reviewed out of about 10,000 reviewed by Kirkus in a year. Because it received a star, it will automatically be entered in the competition for The Kirkus Prize, which is one of the richest literary awards in the world, with $50,000 awarded annually in three categories.  



07/01/2016 6:26am

Yes, I concur that this book Behind the Lines by said great author Jeffrey B. Miller is really a spectacular written work and reading this gives us a lot of knowledge about World War I, The output is for sure excellent when it is done with focus and passion. Congratulations.

07/30/2017 11:14pm

I get what you're saying because I also have a friend who is an author. During his first two years as an author, he was never recognized for the hard work that he put into his work. I was the one who became frustrated because I know that he deserved more than what he is receiving. But during his third year as a writer, he was nominated for an award and fortunately, he won as the Author of the Year. I guess it really just takes time before someone can be successful. We just need to be patient when it comes to our journey to success.

07/28/2016 10:55am

Behind the lines - a book on World War I is a book full of facts and incidents. I thank the author for compiling such an informative book for the readers. I am sure the fans of the author will really like they way ideas are developed and structured in the book.

01/09/2017 7:17am

Yes I've heard that this is a great book from Martin. I would read it definitely.


It's cool to be one of the top! This is the real success!

08/26/2017 12:10am

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