Congratulations go out to Jeff Miller for the extremely positive review he received from Kirkus Reviews for his new book about World War I and the Commission for Relief in Belgium. It’s called Behind the Lines and is described on the cover as “WWI's little-known story of German occupation, Belgian resistance, and the band of Yanks who saved millions from starvation.” The review can be found at

The last line of the review reads, “An excellent history that should catapult Miller to the top tier of popular historians.”

Since I was hired to copyedit the book, I know how much work and passion went into it, and I am extremely excited that Jeff is receiving this type of recognition. The book received a star, which, as I understand it, means it was selected as one of the top 750 books reviewed out of about 10,000 reviewed by Kirkus in a year. Because it received a star, it will automatically be entered in the competition for The Kirkus Prize, which is one of the richest literary awards in the world, with $50,000 awarded annually in three categories.