I wrote a package of four stories on the city and county of Denver’s estimate of 1 million persons for the Feb. 9  Broncos Super Bowl parade, partly because I thought it would be useful for my students at Metro to have a model of an investigative story and the steps taken to get the story. The main story is at http://www.post-telegraph.com/news/experts-broncos-parade-estimate-3-5-times-too-high/. It has links to two other stories and the most detailed analysis of the size of the crowd. That analysis estimated the crowd at 198,000, five times fewer people than the city’s estimate.

Linda and Bernie Nagy, longtime friends in Fairplay, have just published the expanded pocket-sized edition to their Rocky Mountain Wildflowers Field Guide. It identifies 270 flowers, has lots of photos, and includes explanatory pages for those of us who are novices in the world of flowers. To see that book, other books they've written, and products such as cutting boards with beautiful photos that they've created, go to their website at http://highcountryartworks.com. Alas, the Nagys are selling their house in Fairplay, but they'll be in the area through the summer. Bernie used to take lots of photos for The Flume while I was editor there, and Linda wrote some articles. They will be missed.